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Innovative and pioneer
By producing high quality and innovative products with the support of expert cadres, bringing the knowledge and experience we have to the living spaces and
improving confort. Our company is one of the pioneer companies of the sector. Taking place among the numbered companies with its wide market share, besides
the success, it attaches importance to the meticulousness shown in the service, high performance and customer relations based on mutual trust.

We always tell the truth as it is and we are open and sincere in all communication process. While we take corrective and preventive measures, we express the
wrongs with open heart and defend the truth. What we say and what we think can not be different from each other This is our originality.

Büker Plastik Tic. Ltd. Şti.

Buker Plastik Tic. Ltd. Şti.

Büker Plastik PVC Ceiling panels and suspended ceiling systems were established in 1995 by Ali Akgül at Menderes Kısık Sanayi site. Büker Plastik products are equipped with the latest technology installed on 2000m2 closed area at Kısık Sanayi site. Our factory is producing with great care and professionality with a monthly capacity of 200 tons.

Büker Plastik has been leading in the sector to present its products and applications to its customers while fostering its ever-growing investments to produce a better environment, more ecological products, innovative designs, high quality providing high durability.

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